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A Scenic and Fun Experience!

The Brazos River below Morris Sheppard dam is a favorite for canoeing. Generally regarded as one of the most scenic stretches of the Brazos River in North Texas, the 20 mile section between Texas Hwy 16 and Hwy 4 in Palo Pinto County, snakes its way from the Possum Kingdom dam down through the rough low mountains into the scenic countryside.The craggy cliffs and boulders seem to echo the historic past of the Brazos, named by the Spanish "Brazos de Dios" meaning Arms of God. This descriptive name is suitable because of the great spread of tributaries.

The 20-mile section below Possum Kingdom is a scenic treasure with towering cliffs and limestone boulders landscaped with cottonwoods, oaks, mesquites, cedars, willows, pecans and grapevines along the stream that usually is crystal clear.

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Fishing for panfish, bass and catfish is usually good to excellent, depending upon water flow and conditions. During the winter months trout are periodically released below the Possum Kingdom dam (see events page for schedule).

There are many photogenic spots, especially the rocky sections of Garland and Chick Bend, or the small exciting rapids. Camping is allowed, however, there are no public camping facilities. All needed gear must be carried.