Please help us raise $35,000 (cost of the fireworks show) to keep this 35 year Hell's Gate Fireworks Show tradition going! 

The PKCC would like to thank all that participated in the 2016 PK Mardi Gras Parade and Shrimp Fest. 

A big CONGRATULATIONS to the parade and costume winners!  Thanks for making this event a blast...and we must not forget the perfect weather given to us for the parade.

This event was a success because of all the awesome - hard working volunteers, which include cooks, decorating, clean up, parade organization and the sales/service staff.  Also, a big THANK YOU those that took the time and energy to entertain us... the creative and crazy parade and costume participants!!  You made the day. 

THANKS and we hope to see y'all next year!!


2016 mg collage Large


1st    #5 Real Boat Transport    
2nd    #22 YMCA Camp Grady Spruce    
3rd    #38 Bluff Creek    
1st    #10 Belles of PK    
2nd    #20 PK Is One In A Minion    
3rd    #42 Spoiled Not Boiled    
Costume Winners        

1st    James Smith - Minions    
2nd     Possum-Mrs. Tolver    
3rd    Cindy Sanner & Girls    
1st    Minion  Kids    
2nd    Spoiled Not Boilded Kids    
King Possum, Queen Carp        
Hugh Shire & Susan Shire - Dallas Texas         
Mardi Gras Basket Drawing Winner        
Kelly McNeely