Serving PK Visitors & Residents


Our mission is to encourage and support visitors to Possum Kingdom Lake while serving the ongoing needs of our residents. Our more than 350 plus members offer products and services in over 300 business categories to help our visitors get the most from their visit to PK, while supporting the lifestyle needs of our residents and property owners. If you are a visitor, thank you for choosing our destination. If you are a business, we invite you to join us.

Board of Directors & Staff

Justin Burney - President

Nikki McKenzie - 1st VP

Jannet McCracken - 2nd VP

Tammy Marsh- Treasurer

Dean Cowser

Tony Klapper

James Milton

Lesa Pawley

Nicky Rosandich

James Smith

Mike Woodruff

Gayla Chambers - Executive Director

Pam Wheat - Executive Assistant